The man who changed football

Warren Gregson giving his lecture

Having published over 65 publications, secured over a £1 million in grants and worked for some of the biggest football organisations in the world, Professor Warren Gregson has made a huge impact on the world of football.

Last night, Professor Warren Gregson - a thermoregulation and football-science expert - gave his inaugural lecture at Liverpool John Moores University.

During the lecture, Professor Gregson took the 60-plus audience on a journey through his professional life; from when he first received his professorship right up to the present day.

Beginning his career at Middlesbrough FC, Gregson conducted research into thermoregulation - an area examining how we regulate our internal temperature. The team found that pre-heating athletes, even a small amount, reduced their ability to perform.

Gregson went on to talk about his time at Manchester United FC, where he supported the creation of a lab and wellness area. “After that there was no need to smuggle players into LJMU’s facilities for things like a VO2 assessment,” said Gregson.

In 2004, Professor Gregson joined LJMU's RISES as a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology. Here, he contributed to a number of review articles in chronobiology. “What I learnt in those first few years was remarkable,” said Professor Gregson.

Other highlights include Gregson’s work into cold water immersion, his contributions to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and his work into protecting firefighters from overheating - the results of which were adopted by the national fire service.

Splitting his time between LJMU and his role as Head Football Physiologist at Aspire Academy and Qatar Football Association, Gregson is currently working with Prozone as part of LJMU’s Football Exchange. The research, which is being undertaken in collaboration with Professor Paulo Lisboa from the Department of Applied Mathematics, is looking into how tactical changes impact on a football team’s performance.

Talking about the project, Professor Gregson said: “The world is now an environment of big data. Football is no different. Sports scientists need to bring on board mathematical wizards.” 

Professor David Richardson, who introduced Gregson to the stage, said: “The philosophy of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is one that fuses high-level science with applied practice - Warren embodies this philosophy and enhances the University.”

Originally from the Blackburn area, Professor Warren Gregson graduated from Teesside University in 1997 with a Sports Science degree. Looking to the future, Gregson says his biggest goal is to “have another 20 years like the past 20.”


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