A university where everyone is equal but never the same

A new animation celebrating LJMU’s commitment to equality features the voices of staff and students from across the institution and around the world, capturing the diversity of our unique University community where everyone is equal but never the same.

Gary Graham, Deputy Chief Executive (Organisational Enhancement) said: “Through this animation we are creatively restating LJMU’s commitment to valuing difference, to championing diversity and to ensuring that everyone is treated as an equal member of our University family.

“As a University and as an employer we don’t believe that we should offer staff, and students, a ‘one size fits all’ experience. People are not the same, they have different life experiences, different perspectives and different ambitions, and it’s these differences that make us stronger as an institution.

Equality and diversity is pivotal to LJMU being a pioneering modern civic university, and our commitment goes beyond compliance with legislative requirements, important as this is. We are committed to advancing equality in the workplace and, more broadly, in society.

“From increasing women’s representation in senior roles at the University to ensuring no one is discriminated against, LJMU is working to remove the barriers that may prevent people from achieving their full potential at the University.”

The new animation was produced by LJMU graduate Jim Riding who works for Mocha, a company established by a group of alumni in 2001.

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