Sharing the latest digital technology

Event - Sharing the latest digital technology

The audience was treated to a series of entertaining and informative short talks, which highlighted the symbiotic nature of the relationship between art and science, followed by the chance to participate in 90 minutes of practical, hands-on demonstrations of a wide range of exciting projects. These included facial scanning and reconstruction (including that of a 17th century Scottish soldier, an Egyptian Mummy, and Robert the Bruce - made, incidentally, from a cast of his skull, which is near-identical to the one later found amongst LJMU’s rich collection of historical artefacts); surreally beautiful drone-captured ‘videos’ of Alexander the Great’s tomb (where public access is restricted or forbidden).

The LJMU FabLab team also demonstrated advanced scanning techniques, with 3D printed items including a section of human brain, the Liver Bird ‘Shoe,’ and indeed one of the world’s first 3D photocopiers.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology staff and students answered questions from the public and expanded upon their earlier talks, and demonstrated a number of items tied to their research, including a live LiDar scanner, a ‘leap motion’ demonstration, and a quite stunning ‘fly-through’ 3D scan of the LMI building itself.


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