Northern Ireland Teachers’ Conference success

Teachers from across Northern Ireland were welcomed to the university by the outreach team within Student Recruitment and Admissions.

Visitors heard about the latest admissions policies revealed during an informative Q&A admissions panel, in addition to participating in a session delivered by several LJMU students from Northern Ireland who talked about life at LJMU.


LJMU Interim Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Mark Power attended the event, commenting: “Northern Irish students represent 12% of the LJMU student population. Figures from the Department of Education show 17,440 NI students were studying in England, Scotland or Wales in 2018. Of those 5,335 were at universities in the North West of England – the most popular region. LJMU was named the most popular provider, with 1,985 students from Northern Ireland.”

Northern Ireland Teachers’ Conference

The event concluded with a visit to Liverpool Screen School, where the teachers discovered the superb range of programmes available and had a tour of the teaching facilities.

Student Recruitment and Admissions Account Manager, Sharon Roden, commented: “This event is just one element of LJMU’s outreach strategy in Northern Ireland which has been established over a 20-year period. The strong relationships we hold with schools and colleges in the region means the LJMU brand is promoted to prospective students by the outreach team throughout the year via school based presentations, careers fairs, the NI summer university and the annual Applicant Day in Belfast. In a market which is becoming increasingly competitive, this event is crucial for maintaining our close links with Northern Irish teachers in schools and colleges across the province, who continually allowing us access to their students, ensuring LJMU remains the number one university provider in Northern Ireland.”


Feedback from the event proved extremely positive with comments including:

"Thanks for all of the time and effort that you put into making Friday a success. It was helpful to get a picture of LJMU and the students you used to help on the day were excellent. They were courteous, well-rounded young people. I have a couple of children of my own and came away thinking that I’d be more than happy for them if they ended up with you."

 NI Student “It was a great day and very worthwhile. Thank you for the super organisation and for being so proactive. I learnt a lot and feel I can now talk to our students with some real knowledge.  There is a very positive and collegiate feel and we felt very welcome.”


“It was an excellent event and I, as well as the others I talked to, had nothing but positive things to say about your university.”


For further information about the University’s outreach activity please contact: The BBC has also featured a news story about the rise in NI students attending universities elsewhere in the UK.


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