Trainee nurses benefit from latest digital technology

Trainee nurses and midwives at Liverpool John Moores University will be skilled in state-of-the-art medication management technology software after the university teamed up with international software firm Better Care.

The software called OPENeP incorporates patient records in place of paper based medical and nursing records and allows trainees to practise prescribing and administering medications as they would in a healthcare setting.

Better’s system is operational in a number of NHS trusts including Wye Valley, Dartford & Gravesham and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

And Mark Arnold, senior lecturer in the School of Nursing and Allied Health, said getting graduates up-to-speed in the NHS's digital systems would “enhance patient safety and facilitate valuable inter-professional learning.”

“This is a big leap forward,” he said. “It means students can become familiar with the processes and electronic systems used in healthcare settings. They can simulate administering medication in a safe environment.”

Training in the digital system will take place on degree courses in Nursing, Midwifery and Pharmacy and be taught on post registration non-medical prescribing modules.

Better Care, a Slovenia-based company, have proved a fantastic partner, also offering to provide training to our academic staff.

OPENeP Knowledge Transfer Manager Nina Pirc, said: “We are constantly working on our broad library of educational materials and are pleased to have established the partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, to share our knowledge with the students and aid their practical insight into the clinical work.


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