5 Ways to Battle Homesickness and Settle into University

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I’m Maya and I studied Criminology and Psychology at LJMU. Moving to Liverpool from Northern Ireland for me was a huge adjustment, and I was definitely hit hard with homesickness in the first few months while I adjusted to my new student life.

University can be some of the best years of your life, however adjusting to a big change can take some time. Whether you’ve travelled an hour down the road or from across the water, homesickness can affect everyone.


Here are some tips to handle homesickness and ensure you enjoy university life as much as possible.


  • Make use of regular video calls to friends and family/support network (and your pet!) back home. A group zoom once a week or month is a great chance to catch up with friends from home and update each other on the changes you’re experiencing and helps you to feel that you are all still involved in each other’s lives.


  • Set yourself a weekly routine and stick to it, incorporating your lectures, study time, free time and time for chores such as cleaning and grocery shopping. Having a regular routine can make your new life feel more normal and help you adjust to the changes that university brings.


  • Give yourself something to look forward to every week. Whether that’s visiting a new museum, trying a new restaurant or exploring a different part of the city, planning what you’d like to do will give you a focus on the future, rather than looking back at what you’ve left behind. Luckily, Liverpool has so much going on I can guarantee you’ll never be bored! Check in with JMSU to find out what’s going on or for more info on societies and events www.jmsu.co.uk/events


  • Learn to cook your favourite meals before you go to university. Food has a huge impact on mood and maintaining a good diet can help you feel much more positive about life, especially when you can replicate mum’s iconic shepherd’s pie in your own kitchen. Why not try some recipes from LJMU Cook Together


  • Talk to your flatmates and course mates about how you’re feeling. It doesn’t need to be deep and emotional, but you’d be surprised how many others will relate when you mention that you are missing home. Although it seems that everyone around you is having the time of their life, the vast majority of students deal with homesickness and sharing your experiences can help lift the weight off your shoulders when you feel it is getting on top of you.



If you find that you are struggling with homesickness then Student Advice and Wellbeing offer a range of support You’re not on your own at Liverpool John Moores University – there’s always someone on hand to help, advise and guide.

Speak to your Student Living Assistants  They are also students and here to help new students living and settling into LJMU partner accommodation. They are a form of peer support and are the first point of contact for new students who may have concerns about their accommodation or any other aspects of their new student lives

Our Wellbeing Team is here to are here to help you with any issues you are having at University that are affecting your wellbeing and/or your mental health.

We have appointments available each day which you can book online.

You can also email us on studentwellbeing@ljmu.ac.uk or call us on 0151 231 3664.

Click here to book onto one of our Virtual Wellbeing Workshops



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