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Facing a problem and unsure of the way forward?
Struggling to settle in?
Considering withdrawing?
Need someone to talk to in confidence?

Your Student Engagement Officers are located within your Faculty and are there to help you with any issues you are having at University that are affecting your wellbeing and/or your mental health.

We offer daily drop-ins and appointments on your campus. You can email studentengagement@ljmu.ac.uk to book an appointment to talk to your Student Engagement Officer in person or over the phone.

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Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Student Advice and Wellbeing Services provide confidential information, advice and support to students at the University. We want all students who chose to share information with us to be secure in the knowledge that any information disclosed will be handled in a respectful, appropriate and legally compliant manner.

Read the Data Privacy and Confidentiality statement.