Responding to our Community and Neighbourhoods

We are responding to the issues of COVID19 and housing faced by local residents

The Liverpool John Moores University community is proud of its place in Liverpool and we are at the beating heart of almost everything that happens in the region.  Everywhere you go, you will find staff, alumni and students making a difference.

However, with that presence comes a responsibility to be mindful and aware of our potential impact, especially that our actions don’t cause harm to others around us.

In partnership with the other universities in the city, LJMU has embarked on a number of initiatives to work with local residents, particularly around issues that arise because of COVID-19, and housing.

At LJMU we are committed to Respect Always! and the principles behind sharing mutual respect between everyone in our community and those around us.  You can find out more about Respect Always! here.

We are asking all students, at all universities, to sign up to the Joint Liverpool Students Community Pledge, and demonstrate our shared commitment to responsible citizenship.  Students of Liverpool Community Pledge 21222 LJMU final

It lists a number of key pledges which will help keep you and others around you safe, as well as offering comfort to local residents that we all understand how important it can be to work together while living in close proximity to each other.

Of course, living as a strong community isn’t just important during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Neighbourhoods can often be affected by a small number of students who forget to be respectful of nearby residents’ needs.  Student housing is often in high-density areas, living side-by-side with local residents who may have lived there for many years and are extremely passionate about their local area.

One of the biggest problems can come from noise and parties late at night.  Neighbours can live to a very different timetable to the one you have as a student, maybe with shift-work patterns or small children which requires them to be awake very early, and therefore need to go to sleep early.

That’s why, working with Merseyside Police, Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, and our student unions, the Universities have appointed an off-campus student support co-ordinator, who will act as a single point of contact for residents about any emerging issues.

The co-ordinator is also organising regular walk-abouts with officials from universities and the police to identify where problem hot spots are, in the hope that they can be resolved before serious action is necessary. 

Students who have been found to breach LJMU’s standards will face disciplinary action, but hopefully by working together we can keep this a rare occurence.

Respect Always! is core to the LJMU experience, helping you make the most of your studies and ensuring that you, and everyone in our community, is included and able to reach their best potential. 


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