How to beat the January blues

With the festive holidays behind us, the grey weather on repeat and with many of us already breaking our New Year's resolutions, it is no surprise that January is often labelled the most depressing month of the year.

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The third Monday of the month is often referred to as ‘Blue Monday,’ when our mood is at its lowest and the need to act, for the sake of our mental health and wellbeing, is at the highest. 

However, with an exciting 2022 ahead in Liverpool and the daylight hours getting longer, January doesn’t need to feel doom and gloom. 

Whether you have just finished your exams and assignments, are starting a new course or are just feeling anxious in general, our Student Wellbeing Advisor, Jonny Parker, gives us his top tips for coping with the January blues...

  1. Make the most of the daylight – it can be difficult to get outside in the winter months, but it is the lack of daylight that can contribute to our low mood. Fresh air and sunlight can help boost our happy hormone (Serotonin), so it's important to make sure that you get outside every day.
  2. Exercise – one of the best ways to improve our mood is to exercise. Running, cycling, swimming, walking, whatever takes your fancy! Liverpool has some great outdoor spaces to exercise from the waterfront to Sefton Park, we’re spoilt for choice, or you can join the LJMU Sport Centre for group classes and the gym. 
  3. Try journaling – Expressive writing can be a really great way to manage unhelpful and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Journaling can also be a good way for us to take notice of the things we are grateful for. Why not have a go using our journaling tool: 
  4. Get enough sleep – poor sleep can dramatically impact our mood, so it is important to make sure you are getting quality night's sleep. Try switching off from devices around 45 mins before bed, this will help prepare your mind for sleep. We have lots more advice on creating healthy sleep routines here.
  5. Get help or support if you need it - Don’t forget Student Advice and Wellbeing are always here if you need someone to talk to. You can book an appointment through MyLJMU with myself or one of our other wellbeing advisers if you need advice, support or someone to talk to. Or email: 



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