Islamophobia Awareness Month

November is the start of Islamophobia Awareness Month, and this year also marks 10 years of the awareness campaign, which showcases the positive contributions made to society, by Muslims, as well as raising awareness of Islamophobia in society.  

What is Islamophobia? 

We caught up with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team who are reminding our LJMU community what Islamophobia Awareness Month means, how we can be an ally, and the support available for the Islamic community. 


Islamophobia relates to barriers that Muslims face across all areas of public life, as well as prejudice, aversion, hostility or hatred towards Muslims. This years’ Islamophobia Awareness Month focuses on #tacklingdenial of Islamophobia in both political and social spaces. A recent survey, by two British Muslim organisations; Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) and Muslim Census, highlighted the issue of Islamophobia in UK society, with 42% of mosques or Islamic institutions having experienced religiously motivated attacks in the last three years.  


Last year’s Islamic Society (ISOC) president at LJMU, Khayyam Butt, said the month “Is a time for people to become more open-minded and reflect on their biases – as biases are common.” 

How can non-Muslims be an ally? 

There are many ways non-Muslims can be an ally. Start by learning about Islam, build relationships with the local Muslim community, stand up against Islamophobia when you see it happening, or one of your friends or family members says something which is Islamophobic, advocate against anti-Islamic policies, and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community. 

Islamophobia Awareness Month at LJMU and JMSU 

As part of Islamophobia Awareness month, the Islamic Society (ISOC) will be at JMSU’s Interfaith and Cultural Fair which celebrates the faith and cultures within the LJMU community. Come along and talk to the ISOC society and ask them any questions. 

The society will also be hosting a stall at Byrom street this month to introduce and talk about Islam as well as taking part in a panel event with other faith societies at LJMU and University of Liverpool.  

Keep an eye on the JMSU’s events page or ISOC’s Instagram for further updates. 


You can find out more about Islamophobia Awareness Month, how to become a supporter, download resources or follow the campaign online here. 

If you require further support advice or guidance as a Muslim or non-Muslim you can also contact LJMU’s Muslim Chaplain, Sheik Zane: 

Or LJMU’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team:         


Reporting Islamophobia 

Islamophobia is a hate crime and LJMU and JMSU have their own hate crime reporting service, with specially trained individuals who can support people in reporting hate crimes or hate incidents. Find out more or report a hate crime here, you can also do this anonymously, if you wish to. 

Respect Always 

At LJMU, above all else, we want everyone who studies here, works here or works with us, to feel respected, and respect others. Find out more about the Respect Always campaign. 


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