Extra Security is coming – Get Ready!

LJMU will soon be bringing in additional security to protect everyone’s data, with the introduction of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to some online services.

This will mean that when you are off campus and/or using certain services, you may need to prove it is really you - either through an app, text message or a call to your phone.

We will be introducing this on many of our systems from 1 November, and you will not be able to access them without MFA.

Sign up now with these simple steps below.

  1.  Download the free Microsoft Authenticator App on to your mobile – but do not log in yet.  (There are other ways of verifying your identity, but we recommend using the app).


    Apple App Store


  2. Go to https://aka.ms/mfasetup on a desktop computer or laptop – do not use your mobile or tablet to complete this step. 
    1. Log in using your username – not your email address
    2. Enter your password if asked for it
    3. You will be taken to the Additional Security Verification webpage.  There are three options and we recommend choosing the ‘mobile authenticator app’
    4. Follow the instructions and make a choice how you want to use the app:
      1. ‘Receive notifications for verification’ means you will get a notification on your phone and have to log into the app.
      2. ‘Use verification code’ means the website will ask you for a 6-digit code.  You will have to open the authenticator app, find the code and enter it into the website.
  3. Click ‘Set up’ and follow the instructions. 

Congratulations, you have now registered.  When the service starts in November you should be ready to start straight away.

FAQs alongside how to use other ways to use verification (via SMS or phonecalls) are available on this MFA page.


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