Why the menopause matters and workplace support at LJMU

For the past two years, colleagues across LJMU have been working to better understand and recognise the type of support needed by those experiencing the menopause, and to devise ways to create greater awareness across the organisation.

All staff are invited to a World Menopause Day event on Tuesday 18 October, 3pm, at Exchange Station, in celebration of the launch of a new Staff Menopause Policy (link will open in new tab). Register your attendance at the event using the events booking page (link will open in new tab).

At the event, there will also be an opportunity to hear about the ongoing work of the menopause cafes and ways in which people can get involved in future activities to better support everyone’s knowledge of the menopause.

The menopause matters to us

Tina Purkis, Executive Director Human Resources, said: “LJMU is fully committed to supporting our staff during this transitional phase in their lives.  The symptoms of the perimenopause and the menopause can really affect people’s self-confidence and can impact how they feel at work.  We don’t want people to suffer in silence, please refer to the new Menopause policy and seek out support.  At LJMU we really care about our staff and want people to understand that we are here to support them at all times during their career.”

What has LJMU done to support staff already?

We recognise that approximately one third of our staff community of women and people who menstruate may be experiencing symptoms of perimenopause or menopause and that this can affect each person in very different ways.

Amanda Mannion, HR policy and Project Manager, said: “We first began our journey about two years ago when we began organising menopause cafes. Through these meetings, and by working closely in collaboration with our EDI networks, we have devised and recently published our menopause policy.

“Our new menopause policy demonstrates our commitment to supporting and understanding staff going through the menopause and advises line managers on what support can be easily provided for their team members. It also signposts places to seek additional support, both for those experiencing symptoms and those wishing to support colleagues or perhaps someone at home or outside of work going through the menopause. It has also led to us adding menopause as a mitigating circumstance for Professors and Readers applications this year.”

The Menopause Workplace Pledge

We have also signed up to the national Menopause Workplace Pledge (link will open in new tab), strengthening our commitment to making LJMU a supportive and understanding place for our staff going through the menopause.

The pledge means that the university has committed to:

  • Recognising that the menopause can be an issue in the workplace and that employees need support
  • Talking openly, positively, and respectfully about the menopause
  • Actively supporting and informing employees affected by the menopause

Who can I speak to if I have further questions?

If you have any questions regarding the event, the policy or the ongoing work on menopause please contact Amanda Mannion, HR Policy And Projects Manager via email a.j.mannion@ljmu.ac.uk


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