Our LJMU community celebrating Ramadan

Ramadan begins on 2 April and our LJMU Equality team is sharing the support available for those celebrating plus their advice on how our LJMU community can help students and staff who may be fasting.

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Ramadan begins on 2 April following the sighting of the crescent moon around the world and will end on 1 May with the celebratory day of Eid al-Fitr. 

During Ramadan, many Muslims observe dawn to dusk fasting with the aim of this period to seek a closer spiritual relationship and come closer to Allah/God.  

As with many faiths, fasting in different forms is an important part and duty of religious life, discipline and experience. 

Inclusivity at LJMU is one of our core values and it is important that everyone at LJMU takes into consideration and respects the different religious beliefs of all our students and staff in our community.

What to know about students and staff who are fasting:

  • Fasting is combined with disturbances in normal sleep patterns that can leave individuals feeling more tired than normal, particularly mid-afternoon and towards the end of the day. Also, towards the latter part of the day some individuals that are fasting might feel a little lightheaded. 

  • It would be considerate to avoid holding events during Ramadan, especially those centered around food or physical activity. If an event is unavoidable, any special arrangements for Muslim students and staff that are fasting will always be appreciated. 

  • It is not necessary for individuals that are not fasting to abstain from eating or drinking in the presence of Muslims that are fasting. However, you can choose to fast along with Muslim colleagues, even for part of the day and join in with the breaking of the fast at sun set. 

  • Many Muslims will endeavour to practice their faith more during Ramadan than they might for the remainder of the year. As a consequence of this more Muslim staff and students might wish to offer prayers during the day. 

  For students and staff celebrating Ramadan:

  • Multi faith rooms are available at our Mount Pleasant and City Campuses.  You can find out more on the spirituality page of our website.

  • Many students got in touch with us about in person exams during Ramadan and we can now confirm the majority of April and May exams are now online. 

  • At our graduation event, held the last week of April, free extra water will be made available for anyone fasting, who may have elderly or vulnerable relatives requiring water. There will also be a dedicated prayer room within the graduation gowning and ceremony venues, for all students, alumni, relatives and staff to use. 

  • During the fasting period, staff and students can donate food to local food banks. To do this, please visit the central Liverpool food bank homepage http://centralliverpool.foodbank.org.uk/ 

Khayyam Butt, President of the Islamic Society, said: "Ramadhan is the best time of the year for all Muslims to gain spiritual closeness towards God, The Most Merciful and to reflect on their shortcomings, coming out the month as better Muslims."

The ISOC society has an event on Wednesday 6 April at Abdullah Quiliam. Open to everyone, Muslim or not, there will be a meal and speech about Islam and Atheism from Abdullah Al-Andalusi. Tickets are £5 and you can find out more about the vent and register here.

For more information regarding Ramadan or for support please contact:

Equality and Diversity Team: Equality@ljmu.ac.uk 

Student Advice and Wellbeing: Studentwellbeing@ljmu.ac.uk  

LJMU Muslim Chaplain  z.m.abdo@ljmu.ac.uk  

Respect Always! Above all else, we want everyone who studies here, works here and works with us, to feel respected, and to respect others at LJMU.


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