Management book on redundancy fills important gap

Liverpool Business School lecturer, Dr Madeleine Stevens, is tackling the often-uncomfortable topic of redundancy in her latest publication

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Strategic Redundancy Implementation’ aims to bridge the knowledge gap and support business managers, HR specialists, employee representatives, as well as HR students as the future generation of industry professionals.

The book aims to equip them with the insight to better understand and implement a redundancy programme that is fair, proportionate and ultimately leads to improved organisational performance.

Dr Madeleine Stevens, Senior Lecturer Human Resource Management at Liverpool Business School worked for more than twenty years as a HR practitioner prior to joining academia. Her research passion lies with mitigating the negative impact of redundancies for individuals and implementing redundancies successfully for organisations.  

On the importance and timing of writing and releasing this book now, Dr Stevens said: “Restrictions caused by the pandemic, resulted in many organisations having to implement redundancies as a measure of organisational survival. Quite often employers implement redundancies under pressure and thus some of the severe negative consequences can easily be overlooked during a crisis.”

“This book is aimed to help employers choose the right strategy for redundancy that ensures the damage to employee morale is minimum and thus allows for the best opportunity to rebuild the organisation post-redundancy implementation. Redundancies can be implemented with compassion and this book will help employers to do just that.”

The book has already received favourable literary feedback. In a review for ‘Readers' Favorite’ Foluso Falaye said: “Strategic Redundancy Implementation is the sort of book that makes you realise you should never stop learning as there are always new, important things to learn about different aspects of life.

“Madeleine Stevens encourages readers to remember they are working with humans and not robots, which is a key lesson for leaders and entrepreneurs who might get too focused on the numbers and forget to be humane.”

It has also gained recognition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in its latest edition of People Management Magazine as offering “a one-stop shop for navigating the entire redundancy process”.

Strategic Redundancy Implementation: Re-Focus, Re-Organise and Re-Buildcan be purchased online.

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