Induction Update from PVC Student Experience Professor Phil Vickerman

As induction week begins, PVC Professor Phil Vickerman is sharing updates from the Transition and Induction Group and asking staff to share feedback for next year.

"I’d like to start by thanking everyone for the university wide effort to bring together our induction and transition for new and returning students this September. 

"LJMU is a student-focused university and alongside the importance of inclusivity, caring about our communities, and being courageous in our actions, ensuring that our students are at the heart of everything we do is a powerful commitment to our mission. 

"Over the past couple of weeks we have already begun to welcome students on to campus from select courses, and from next week we will begin to see an influx of students as they begin or return to LJMU for their induction week and first week of teaching. 

"Induction has been a whole university wide effort and I’d like to particularly thank the 50+ colleagues from across the university, led by Transition and Induction Group Head Elaine Hemers, who have helped bring our induction and transition to life.  

"The university has made a significant financial investment in this year’s schedule of events, to enhance the student experience, and working together with JMSU, we've created an exciting programme including advice and support fairs, activities and crafts, free food and much more.  

"JMSU has been integral to the plans for induction, and we already know thet moving forward we’d like to see our academic schools, and professional services colleagues, work closely with them to create even more exceptional experiences for our students. 

"I strongly encourage you to signpost your students to the Freshers 2022 Programme of Events which have been updated following the announcement of a bank holiday on Monday 19 September. In particular we'd like your support in getting students to come along to the Big Freshers Fiesta in the SLB on Wednesday 21 September where the university’s core student services will also be on hand at the Advice and Support Fair. 

"It has been a massive logistical effort getting to this point and the whole university has played a role in bringing this year’s induction together. 

"With any project of this scale, we know there’s always bound to be improvements that we can make, year upon year, for students and staff, to ensure the academic year begins smoothly. We’ll be collating a lessons learnt document following this September’s induction and would like to hear constructive feedback from across the university on how we can do even better next year.  

"Please email Mel Campbell with any feedback you think may be useful to add to the document. 

"As we welcome all our students back to campus, thank you to all staff for the continued effort you make in ensuring every contact with our students counts, throughout their studies and beyond LJMU." 

PVC Professor Phil Vickerman


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