Give out Wellbeing Journals to all your students in your Personal Tutor meetings

Copies of the new 2022-23 Wellbeing Journal are now available for all students, and academic staff are being encouraged to hand them out at their first personal tutor meetings with students.

The Wellbeing Journal is a joint initiative from the School of Education and Student Advice and Wellbeing. It was piloted last year on a limited basis and was well received by both staff and students. 

Due to its success, the new 2022-23 Journals have been ordered for all students and the first 10,000 will arrive in Faculties from Thursday 22nd onwards, with the final 10,000 copies due at the end of next week. 

Academic staff are encouraged to collect enough copies for all their new students from the following locations: 

  • Education Building: Lobby             

  • Tithebarn Street: 1st floor staff room 

  • Redmonds Building: Room 341 

  • James Parsons Building (Science): Room G29   

  • James Parsons Building (FET): Room 212  

  • John Foster Building: Reception area 

  • Student Life Building: Reception area 

Ideally staff will distribute Journals to students at their first personal tutor meeting.  

Further background information and advice on how it can be used from Ange Garden and Dr Nicky Hirst can be found on the Personal Tutor Canvas site. 

Any queries about getting your copies of the Journal can be sent to Ed Naylor, Head of Accommodation and Student Living.  


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