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Thinking about part-time work alongside your studies? 

Unitemps answers your frequently asked questions about part-time work while studying at LJMU 

When it comes to balancing the demands of academic life with the need to earn some extra income, part-time work is a popular choice for many students. Unitemps, is our university-based temporary recruitment agency and is an invaluable resource for students seeking part-time employment opportunities.  

We spoke to Marnie Blackman-Cook from Unitemps to answer some of your most pressing questions about working alongside your studies with Unitemps. 

How many hours a week can students work through Unitemps?  

Students should aim to work a maximum of 15 to 20 hours per week. International students are subject to similar restrictions with a maximum of 20 hours of work per week on the majority of visa types. However, it's crucial to note that the specifics may vary depending on the type of visa a student holds. 

What do you need to apply for jobs through Unitemps?  

You will need two references and they can be work-related references, academic tutors, or character references. Additionally, you'll need to submit your CV in a Word document format. It’s really important to showcase your skills on your CV, as this information can be used to match you with relevant job opportunities. The LJMU Student Futures team offer 1-2-1 careers meetings where you can get help updating your CV.  

If you’ve never worked for Unitemps before you’ll also need to complete a right to work check, where your identity and other work will be checked over before you start a role. This usually takes place once you’ve been offered a role and Unitemps will get in touch to arrange this. 

What are the most popular kind of jobs on Unitemps? 

Unitemps offers a wide range of job opportunities, and Marnie mentioned that the most popular ones include: 

  • Student Advocate: Advocating for fellow students and representing their interests within LJMU 

  • Internships: Opportunities for gaining practical experience in your field of study. 

  • Ad Hoc Work: Temporary or casual jobs that offer flexibility. 

  • Research Posts: Positions related to academic or scientific research. 

The diversity of roles ensures that students can find opportunities that align with their interests and career goals. 

Are jobs flexible? WFH, hybrid or office based? 

While Unitemps primarily offers in-person work opportunities, there are some positions, such as certain internships, that offer hybrid arrangements, allowing students to work from home or a combination of remote and in-office work. The degree of flexibility may vary from one job to another, so it's essential to read job descriptions carefully to understand the working conditions. 

Is there a minimum pay? 

Unitemps strives to ensure that students are compensated fairly. The majority of jobs offered through Unitemps pay around £11.66 per hour. However, some external companies may offer a lower rate, typically around £10.42 per hour. 

How can I see current jobs that are available and apply? 

Jobs listed on the Unitemps website change weekly, so it's a good idea to register with Unitemps and check the platform regularly for new job opportunities

Any other frequently asked questions? 

  • Quick fill jobs: If you have completed your Right to Work checks, keep an eye on your email for "quick fill" job notifications. These jobs are offered to students who have completed the necessary checks and can start working immediately. 

  • Legal requirement for ‘Right to Work’ checks: A critical point to remember is that students should not commence work through Unitemps unless they have been into the branch between 9 a.m. and 12 noon, Monday to Friday, for complete checks. This is a legal requirement set by the Home Office and must be adhered to for compliance. 


Get in touch with Unitemps 

Still got an unanswered question about Unitemps? You can find all their contact details on the Unitemps webpage or drop-in to their help desk on the ground floor, Student Life Building. 

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