Things to leave behind when moving into your student accommodation

We know lots of our students commute to LJMU or are undertaking postgraduate study and live in the local area. But if you are moving into student accommodation, here's five things our accommodation team advise you should definitely leave behind...


Bring a stuffed animal, but no pets allowed in halls, and yes that does include goldfish!

The kitchen sink

OK so we don’t literally mean the kitchen sink, but don’t bring too much kitchenware with you! Most shared kitchens do not contain crockery or cutlery, so bring the bare minimum with you at first (e.g. a plate, mug, bowl, knife, fork and spoon). On arrival you will be able to decide with your new flatmates what other items are required, such as kettles and toasters, and then buy them communally.


They may smell great but they are a fire hazard, so please leave them behind. Why not bring a diffusor instead?

Electric blankets

Another fire hazard, plus there's no additional heating bills in halls so you don't have to worry about being too cold when the winter months do arrive.

The wrong size bedding

Check with your hall for the right sizes. Your bed and hall bedroom may be smaller than you are used to at home, especially if it has an en-suite bathroom, so pack smart!

Find out more about moving in dates and what to bring on our moving in page.

Got a question about moving in?

Take a look through the accommodation webpages and frequently asked questions if you still have unanswered questions. You can also find contact info for the accommodation team on these webpages.


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