New Forensic Research Institute launched

LJMU has launched a new Forensic Research Institute (FORRI) to support and enhance the criminal justice system.

Bringing together a wide range of world-leading expertise, the institute aims to advance the impact and practice of forensic science and foster a more diverse, inclusive and fair criminal justice system.

Working with leading partners across the globe, the institute aspires to be the most influential of its kind in the UK, serving the criminal justice system, the public and the professional community.

FORRI runs six research networks covering a wide range of specialisms:

  • Search and discovery
  • Scenes of crime or accident
  • Digital data examination
  • Human identification
  • Chemical biological and trace analysis
  • Psychology and criminology

A host of colleagues from across LJMU and partner organisations attended the launch of the institute at the university this week.

Collaboration and innovation

Professor Caroline Wilkinson leads FORRI and said: "The Forensic Research Institute has been set up in order to impact the criminal justice system at all levels and enhance our collaboration and innovation within the forensic field.

"One of our main aims is to try and address the international forensic agenda of enhancing diversity. If we aim to promote equality and diversity both in the research and the people who do the research then that will have an effect on enhancing the criminal justice system and having more reliable evidence going to the court system."

Find out more about the Forensic Research Institute here and watch the short video above.


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