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So you’ve had your winter break, maybe spent a bit of time at home. Now what? Well, it could be time to start preparing for the new year with some fresh approaches to help you stay focused, healthy and safe. Here are some of my own top tips that I'll be trying this January, as a new semester begins. 

Set up your own workspace

With a mix of online and face-to-face teaching, it’s important to make a designated study space in your flat or home. It’s good practice to separate the space where you study from the spaces where you relax. Having a work area helps you to focus and be more productive, whereas studying in bed makes it difficult to resist the urge to just rest your eyes for just a few minutes, which somehow always turns into hours.

Treat yourself to some new stationery

It’s a really good idea to invest in two notebooks, one for writing down all your messy notes in class and putting in as much information as you can. The other notebook can be used to refine all those messy notes so that you’ll be able to refer to them more easily when writing essays and studying for exams. Plus, who doesn’t love buying new stationery at the start of a new year?

Learn as much as you can

I wish I had realised this when I started first year, but now is the time where you have pretty much unlimited access to a fountain of knowledge. Ask questions, whether it is in class or to your lecturer via email/meeting/Zoom. Now is your opportunity to find out everything you can about your chosen subject, there is no question that you can ask that will seem stupid, your lecturers have more than likely heard those same questions before and want to help you learn so you can reach your full potential.

Focus on you

Saving the most important point to last, it’s really important to look after your health and wellbeing. LJMU offers health and wellbeing support for all students. A new year can bring new challenges and different ways you handle them, especially during these unusual times, so it’s really important to put your wellbeing before everything else so you can make the most of your experience at LJMU.

I hope everyone has a great time at university this year! Remember to try and make the most of it, even with all the unknowns that come with COVID. If you experience any difficulties settling back into university life in the new year, you can book an appointment to speak to a Wellbeing Advisor who are on hand for support and to listen to any struggles you may be having. 

And don't forget, we're in this together. 


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