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Dr Jonathan Cranfield

Humanities and Social Science

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

My PhD (University of Kent, 2010) was on the relationship between science and popular fiction in the Strand Magazine. I came to LJMU in 2012 and currently teach on Vamps and Villains: Exploring Gothic Fiction (Stage 6) as well as module leading The English Dissertation (Stage 6) and The Victorians: Realism, Science & Sensation (Stage 5).

I have published several articles and a monograph on the work of Arthur Conan Doyle and I currently sit on the editorial board for Edinburgh University Press' new series of scholarly editions of his work. For this series I edited The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (2023). My new book project is on the relationship between literature and silent cinema.

I am interested in supervising postgraduate work (MA, MRes, PhD) on popular fiction, science, periodicals and early cinema (~1880-1920).

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