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Mr Paul Robinson


Teaching and learning fashion design and garment construction , is the field of Paul's expertise . In particular creative pattern cutting leading to innovative fashion design. Paul is an experienced design consultant and high profile company such as Jaeger are part of his industrial portfolio .Research interests: Beyond Masculinity, A Queer Eye In A Straight World. This research project explores the resurgence and re-emergence of gay sub-cultures particularly focusing on image and identity in fashion with the emergence of civil partnerships and post HIV-AIDS crisis, many defined & visible gay sub cultures have disappeared, become marginalised and at the extreme, are commoditised.


2006, Liverpool John Moores, england, B.A Honours

Engagement & Impact

Industrial connections:

Company: lulla in Lithuania, Position or project: Design Consultant

Company: Jaeger, Position or project: design consultant

Other Professional Activity:

Describe the Professional Activities: design Consultant for Uzbekistan 2013-2014

Describe the Professional Activities: Design consultancy,Lulla, Lithuania April 2013 june 2014