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Miss Sarah Shrimpton


Sarah graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from Bath Spa University and an MSc in Forensic Art from the University of Dundee. Subsequently she has worked as a researcher at various institutions (including Leuven University, Max Planck Institute for Biological cybernetics and the University of Wollongong) researching cranio-facial reconstruction and human face recognition in relation to the general face perception field and more specifically within forensic scenarios.

Sarah is a Research assistant and PhD candidate in the Face Lab at the School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University. Professor Caroline Wilkinson is Director of the Face Lab, a LJMU research group that carries out forensic/archaeological research and consultancy work including craniofacial analysis, facial depiction and forensic art. Craniofacial analysis and facial depiction is used to help identify unknown individuals for forensic investigations or historical figures for archaeological interpretation. This may involve post-mortem depiction, facial reconstruction, craniofacial superimposition and skull reassembly. Forensic art also involves witness interviews to produce facial sketches/composites, age progression images and facial image comparison. The Face Lab research relates to CCTV identification, post-mortem decomposition, ancestry determination, craniofacial reconstruction, preserved bodies and facial animation.

Sarah's research interests mainly focus on recognition of faces from facial depictions for forensic scenarios. Her PhD research entitled, ‘Facial Avatars and Familiar Face Recognition’, focuses on ‘composite’ faces – those faces made up of features/facial parts from other faces. Psychological testing paradigms are being used to assess how much and which parts of a donor face can be used in a composite whilst still maintaining donor anonymity.


2008, University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom, MSc Forensic Art
2006, Bath Spa University, Bath, United Kingdom, BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD Face recognition



Shrimpton SL, Fodarella C. 2017. Facial Composites Baker B, Minhas R, Wilson L. Factbook: Psychology and Law European Association of Psychology and Law Student Society 9781326989651

Designs (including illustrations)

Wilkinson C, MacGregor M, Roughley MA, Shrimpton S. 2016. Facial Depiction of Robert the Bruce >Link

Wilkinson CM, Shrimpton SL, Roughley MA. 2015. Facial Depiction of Bernie - Facial Depiction of a 1200 year old bog body called "Bernie"

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Hill H, Shrimpton S, Otsuka Y, Shriver M, Claes P. 2014. Positive eyes facilitate use of pigment and shape information from the rest of the face. i-Perception, APCV :388-388 >Link

Journal Articles

Shrimpton S, Daniels K, de Greef S, Tilotta F, Willems G, Vandermeulen D, Suetens P, Claes P. 2014. A spatially-dense regression study of facial form and tissue depth: Towards an interactive tool for craniofacial reconstruction FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 234 :103-110 >DOI >Link


Bulthoff I, Shrimpton S, Mohler BJ, Thornton IM. 2011. Using avatars to explore height/pitch effects when learning new faces


Roughley MA, Shrimpton S, Wilkinson CM. Facial depiction of Kukruse lady - a 13th century AD lady from Estonia

Wilkinson CM, Shrimpton SL, SMITH K, LIU C, Roughley MA. Facial depiction of George Lister and Elizabeth Dibb

Engagement & Impact

Media Coverage:

Links #2:, Links #1:, Links #3:, Media coverage: Worldwide news coverage of the reveal of a facial depiction of Robert the Bruce - Collaboration with Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Dr Martin MacGregor, Mark Roughley and Sarah Shrimpton

Links #2:, Links #1:, Links #3:, Media coverage: Face Lab. Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool School of Art and Design research group launch event

Membership of professional bodies:

Student member, European Association or Psychology and Law,

Student Member, British Psychological Society,

Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI),

Member, British Association of Forensic Anthropology,

Student member, British Association of Human IDentification (BAHiD),

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Title of qualification gained: Associate fellow of higher education authority