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Dr Hamid Reza Panjeh Fouladgaran

Dr Hamid Reza Panjeh Fouladgaran

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Dr. Hamid Reza Panjeh Fouladgaran is a senior lecturer in Operations Management and Quality in Liverpool Business School. He has Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, MSc of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and BSc of Industrial Engineering with Minor in Industrial Production. Prior to joining LJMU in 2019, he was a lecturer in the Department of Management at Sunway University, Malaysia, from 2016 to 2018. Hamid doctoral research focused on developing a framework for reverse logistics risk management. He undertakes researches with focus on sustainable supply chain management, supply chain risk management, and supply chain strategies. He has supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate students over the past few years. Moreover, he is contributing as a peer reviewer in some of the academic journals such as Management Decision, Journal of Modelling in Management, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, and International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management.




UPM, Malaysia, Ph.D of Industrial Engineering
UPM, Malaysia, M.Sc of Industrial Engineering
Azad University, Iran, B.Sc of Industrial Engineering
Lancaster University, United Kingdom, PGCAP

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management & Quality, Liverpool Business School, 2019 - present
Lecturer, Management, Sunway University, 2016 - 2018


Conference publication

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Journal article

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