Dr Olatunde Durowoju

Liverpool Business School

Dr Olatunde Amoo Durowoju is the Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, for the Faculty of Business and Law. He is also the programme leader for a number of collaborative programmes within the school of business and management, overseeing over 3000 TNE students.

He has a PhD in Management Research from University of East Anglia; an MSc in Food Production Management from University of Nottingham; and BSc in Food Science and Technology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. His research interests are in operations and supply chain management, information security and supply chain management interface, impact assessment and transmission, and sustainable and inclusive practices in higher education. He has published his work in several research outlets such as conferences, academic journals and edited books.

Tunde has been teaching in Higher Education for over 12 years. Since Joining the Liverpool Business School in 2015, he has taught and led on several module teams, including: 7011LBSMGT Advanced Business Practice (level 7); 5054BUSBM Quality and Operations Management (level 5); and 5058BUSBM Supply Chain Operations (level 5); 4054BUSBM Fundamentals of Management (level 4); 3101FNDLBS Understanding Business Organisations and Operations (level 3).

He has managed several PGT programmes including: MSc International Business Management (2017-2021); MSc International Business Management with Advanced Practice (2018-2021), MSc Management (2017-2021); and MSc Management with Advanced Practice (2018-2021).

He has received the following awards in recognition of his transformative work:
• 2016 JMSU Amazing Teacher Award (Nominated); 2020 JMSU Amazing Teacher- Attacking the Gap Award (Nominated)
• 2021 JMSU Amazing Teacher- Attacking the Gap Award (Winner)
• 2021 LJMU Faculty of Business and Law- Rising Star Award (Winner)
• 2021 LJMU Teaching and Learning Excellence Awards- Academic Leadership Award (Winner)


2014, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, PhD
2008, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, MSc
2004, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, BSc

Journal article

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Conference publication

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Conference presentation:

Achieving Equity in Degree Outcome using AI-enabled Grading Systems, Research in Management Learning and Education 2023 Unconference, Banff, Canada, Oral presentation. 2023

Addressing the inclusivity of assessment practice in HE: Addressing the educator deficit model, Advancehe Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2023: The Shoulders of Giants: Listening, Learning and Improving our Practice, Lincoln, UK, Oral presentation. 2023

Bridge the gap: exploring experiences of assessment, feedback and student performance. What is next?, Students at the Heart Conference, Liverpool John Moores University, Oral presentation. 2022

External committees:

EurOMA 2023 Review Committee, European Operations Management Association, Member. 2023

Conference organisation:

Working Seminar on Achieving Inclusivity in HE using AI, Chair and Organiser, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/achieving-inclusivity-in-he-with-ai-where-do-we-start-tickets-404287814737. 2022

Bridging the Graduate Outcome Divide for Underrepresented Groups  (Liverpool John Moores University) as part of an event series on Minding the Gaps: A North West higher education collaborative working towards eliminating award gaps, Chair and Organiser. 2021

North-West Award Gap Group: Bridging the Graduate Outcome Divide for Underrepresented Groups, Organiser and Chair. 2021

Research Grants Awarded:

Innovate UK Manufacturing Made Smarter: Digital Supply Chain Feasibility Studies, A New Approach to Manufacturing Supply Chain Risk Management, Claire Hannibal, Dave Bryde, Grant value (£): 213,000, Duration of research project: 0/6. 2020

LJMU/GCRF, Human Resources Development of Rural Farmers in Nigeria through Innovation and Information Technology, Lilian Otaye-Ebede, Grant value (£): 15000.

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, European Operations Management Association, http://www.euroma-online.org/r/default.asp?iId=IDIDI. 2013

Member, Production and Operations Management Society, https://www.pomsmembers.org/POMSMembers/membership/Memberlanding_new.aspx?usnm=o.a.durowoju@ljmu.ac.uk. 2013