Symposium submissions

Symposium submission deadline: 5 January 2018

(We hope to have symposium decisions released by the end of January.)

Entries are now open for symposia submissions. We are delighted to invite symposia submissions for the 9th ECBB 2018.

What is expected?

  • In addition to podium presentations, ECBB 2018 will offer symposia of varying topics. Ideas for symposia are sought in advance of the registration deadlines, and are selected on the basis on their proposed scientific content. There are two options for formats:

(1) the symposia are proposed with a full list of speakers (six speakers), or

(2) with just two ‘keynote’ speakers committed, whilst the remaining four speakers are selected among submitted abstracts.

  • Symposia may include workshops and non-scientific sessions, for example a session about EU funding for research.

Guidelines and instructions:

Please download the Symposium Abstract Form to enter the following information in the form fields:

  • Option 1 (six speakers) or Option 2 (two speakers with another four from submitted abstracts)
  • Title and symposium abstract (max 250 words)
  • The primary organiser(s) [up to three names] and a list of speakers (max six);
  • Institution should be stated and authors annotated with footnote reference, e.g.

    J. Smith ¹, J.C. Jones ²
    1 Department of Biology, Smith University, Smithville, France
    2 Department of Ecology, Jones University, Jonestown, UK

  • Brief description of the content with justification (not more than one page)
  • Confirm (via the ticked box) that all studies in the symposium will conform to the ASAB Ethical Guidelines
  • Abstract Forms must be submitted in English as a Word .doc and emailed to
  • All talks should be 15 minutes, with another three minutes for question/answers

Recommendations to increase the likelihood of success:

  1. Abstracts should be original and of a behavioural nature;
  2. Preference is given to symposia organised by more than one institution.

If you have any queries regarding the submission process, please contact the Scientific Committee at