Scientific programme

European Conference on Behavioural Biology

Scientific programme for the ECBB 

Symposium submission is now closed. We are pleased to announce the following plenary speakers and symposia (view the symposia abstracts).

Plenary speakers

Dr Andrew King (Swansea University) 
Prof Michael Mendl (University Of Bristol) 
Dr Amanda Seed (University of St Andrews) 
Dr Barbara Taborsky (University of Bern)
Prof Judy Stamps (University of California)

Symposia titles

1. Social instability: Direct fitness consequences and underlying physiological mechanisms. L. A. Ebensperger, L. D. Hayes

2. Acoustic signatures in animal vocalisations. L. Favaro, M. Gamba, M. Scheumann

3. Individual identity signalling in animals: Biology of individual distinctiveness and its applications. P. Linhart, T. Petrusková

4. Cooperative interactions in fishes. H. Tanaka, J.G. Frommen

5. Emerging techniques in the study of behavioural plasticity. V. Marasco, M. Larriva, K. A. Spencer

6. Animal Personality: providing new insights into behaviour? V. Wilson, D. Altschul

7. The role of hormones in mediating behavioural phenotypic plasticity to anthropogenic change. W. Goymann, K. Spencer

8. The trade-offs of honest signals. D.J. Penn, S. Számadó