Call for papers/participation

We would like to invite academic or practical papers/workshops submissions including, but not restricted to, the following areas:

  • What makes a good Sports/Specialist Journalism degree (or masters)?
  • All sports matter – not just men’s football. Challenges and opportunities for inclusion through widening sports coverage.
  • Future-proofing students for sport, news and specialist journalism – technology, but also preparing them for issues in sport such as inclusion, politics, trauma and resilience etc.
  • Sport, music, arts, travel – isn’t it all just journalism? Highlights and pitfalls in teaching specialist areas.
  • Best practice/new developments in journalism teaching.
  • Similarities and tensions between news and sports journalism in the classroom.
  • Ethical challenges facing specialist writers – plus the wider issue of blurring of roles.
  • Plus: General journalism education issues such as supporting diverse students in the classroom (sport and news) and encouraging attendance through curriculum design. All suggestions welcome.

Anticipated deadline for call for papers is 10 February 2023.


The deadline for registrations is Thursday 6 April.

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Contact: Jackie Newton


Telephone: 01512314835