FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and the Law

FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Right balance of financial innovation and inclusion?

Join us on Thursday 20 June 2019 at LJMU

An inter-disciplinary, free, one-day conference at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) investigates whether there is at present, a right balance of financial innovation and inclusion provided by FinTech and artificial intelligence. The conference has three scholarly objectives:

  • To foster and promote debates on the latest FinTech developments and research at both European and international levels
  • to examine the challenges of financial inclusion in different jurisdictions to date
  • to explore how experts in FinTech and AI can work together to resolve such challenges

Participants will include academics, regulators, banks and practitioners interested in the topic. This event encourages experts from Law, Computer Science, IT, Engineering, Psychology, Business to meet and engage with stakeholders. Speakers would be a combination of guest speakers and invited speakers through a Call for Papers.

This conference is unique in that it features a panel of invited speakers (practitioners and academics) and incorporates a call for papers. Confirmed speakers to date include:

Clara Durodie, CEO of Cognitive Finance Group
Professor Alan Dignam, Queen Mary University of London
Lola Durodola, HSBC
Mark Deem, Cooley LLP
Dr Costantino Grasso, Coventry University
Henry Hillman, University of West of England
Dr Stephen Rainey, Oxford Uehuri Centre for Practical Ethics
Professor Sharon Collard, University of Bristol
Dr Emmanuel Mogaji, University of Greenwich
Dr Oluseyi Awosika, University of Lancaster
Professor Nic Ryder, University of West of England
Dr Ilias Kapsis, University of Bradford
Dr Andrea Miglionico, University of Reading
Dr Ruilin Zhu, University of Lancaster
Abdullah Medallah, University of Brunel
Dr Belen Giupponi, University of Kingston
Catherine Pedamon, University of Westminster
Sadik Capa, University of Marburg
Zain Ui-Haq, Cyfor Limited
Dr Nwanneka Ezechukwu, Birmingham City University

Please note
The final schedule is subject to last minute changes.