'Living with...' Workshops

As part of the ‘Improving Student Mental Health through Partnerships Project’, we will be delivering a series of workshops designed to promote improved knowledge and awareness of a range of mental health issues. Aimed at both those with lived experiences of the conditions covered and at those who wish to gain more of an understanding and insight.

Workshops, hosted by the Clinical Innovation Lead of the ’Improving Student Mental Health’ project, with guest lecture segments from experts within Mersey Care Trust, typically place on the second Wednesday of every month.

Delivered via Zoom Webinar, all workshops will include interactive polls and Q&A sessions.

Please explore the programme below and book your places using the links in each section.

Faq Items

Motivation and Positivity

Living with and Understanding Stress

Living with and Understanding Psychosis

Suicide Prevention

Living with and Understanding ADHD

Living with and Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Living with and Understanding an Eating Disorder

Please view our Workshop Brochure for further information.

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