Working in the UK

Information on working while studying

Whether you are able to work and under what conditions is determined by the type of immigration permission or visa that you hold while you are in the UK.

Generally, on a Student visa or Tier 4 visa for study at LJMU, employment is permitted but with certain conditions and restrictions.

Under normal circumstances, employment is prohibited if studying at LJMU with permission to be in the UK as a visitor or as a short-term student.

If you are in the UK with a status other than a Student/Tier 4 visa or a Visitor/Short-term student immigration then permission employment conditions and restrictions depend on the conditions of the immigration permission you hold.

Working in the UK after your studies

The UK has a number of different visa options for those who wish to enter or stay in the UK for the purposes of employment.

Each work visa has its own conditions and requirements including eligibility criteria and application process.

Faq Items

Working during your studies

Most LJMU students with a Student or Tier 4 visa have some restricted rights to work. The restrictions depend on the type of course for which your Tier 4/ Student visa was granted.

Work rights are stipulated on your visa or BRP and it is important to ensure that you comply with any restrictions that apply to your permission.

Students studying with immigration permission in the UK as a Visitor or a Short Term Student are generally not permitted to work at all.

Students with other types of immigration permission may be able to work, depending on the type of permission held.

The International Student Advice team at LJMU have produced an information sheet with answers to FAQs about working during your studies.

Information on working during your studies

The Graduate Route

Update: 1 July 2021 

The Graduate Route Visa rules have been published and the visa is open to applications from 1 July 2021.

The International Student Advice team at LJMU have produced an information sheet with answers to FAQs about the Graduate Route. 

Information on Graduate Route visa

Working in the UK after studies - other visa routes

For many International Student Graduates, the Graduate Visa route will be the most straightforward route to apply to, to be able to work in the UK. However, there are other work visa routes available to students. 

The International Student Advice Team has written an Information Sheet which details other options available to students who would like to work in the UK after their studies.

Working in the UK after studies information