Peer mentoring

How to become a peer mentor at LJMU

If you're a second or third year student within the Faculty of Education, Health and Community, you might consider training to become a peer mentor. As a peer mentor you'll use your own experience to give advice to other students and signpost new students to useful services within the University. You'll play a key role in induction and also offer support through networking events throughout the academic year. It'll be your job to make new students feel welcome at these events and answer any queries they may have. Essentially your role is to help new students settle into life at LJMU and enhance their student experience.

Interested in becoming a peer mentor?

The peer mentoring scheme currently runs on a number of programmes within the Faculty of Education, Health and Community. For further information about the scheme please contact Claire Hennessy or Emma Ball.

"At first I lacked the confidence in my own academic ability, which led me to believe that I would be incapable of being a peer mentor, however I decided to volunteer regardless which is a decision I don't regret. I believe that my involvement in peer mentoring has positively contributed to my current level of self-confidence, academic success and personal development, which supported my journey through higher education and made me the student I am today."

John Meadowcroft -
BA (Hons) Education Studies and Physical Education student who volunteered as a peer mentor at LJMU