Where can I volunteer?

Explore the different areas of volunteering available through LJMU

To find an opportunity, log in to the Careers Zone 24/7 online platform. (Please note: overseas, student rep and LJMU’s corporate charity opportunities are not posted via this online platform.)

Still not sure what you want to do?

If you’re still undecided about what volunteer role you’d like to pursue, ask yourself these three questions to figure out what best suits you.

Faq Items

1. What area would I like to volunteer in?

Consider your motivations for volunteering, what is important to you? For example, you might be interested in:

  • helping elderly, young or vulnerable people
  • improving health and education in communities
  • tackling social exclusion and injustice
  • helping to protect the environment and the welfare of animals
  • supporting others in achieving their goals

2. How often would I like to volunteer?

You can choose how frequently you’d like to contribute your time, for example you could take part in any of these ways:

  • a one-off event such as supporting a fundraising event
  • a regularly scheduled commitment like working with primary school children once a week to support reading
  • flexible and negotiated arrangements such as working with a food bank as and when your commitments allow

3. How would I like to interact with others?

Different personalities will be drawn to different roles within volunteering. Do you like trying something new and different or are you more comfortable with using the knowledge and skills you have already? Would you prefer to work one-to-one or as a part of a larger team?

Top tips for getting started in volunteering

  • Be realistic: if you’ve never done any volunteer work before or you aren’t sure how much time you can commit to it or if you’ll like it or not, try a one-off event
  • Ask questions: talk to the organisation’s representative and take their contact details so you can get in touch again if you have further questions
  • Find out more: research the organisation and ask if you can speak to someone who already volunteers in the same organisation – preferably a student so you can find out how they make it work for them

DBS checks

LJMU will undertake DBS clearance without cost to volunteers. For further information about DBS checks please email employerengagement@ljmu.ac.uk.