What our graduates say

Keen Fai Ng
Class of 2017

After completing his undergraduate degree in Malaysia, Keen Fai wanted a change. He travelled to the UK and enrolled at LJMU to study a Masters degree in Digital Marketing

Keen Fai is now a Web and CRM Campaign Expert for a global company, a role he acquired soon after graduating.

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Anwesha Chatterjee
Class of 2018

After obtaining her BA in Law 2016 in West Bengal, India, Anwesha went onto receive a Distinction in International Business Corporate and Finance Law at Masters level from LJMU last year.

After her international experience, Anwesha is now an Assistant Professor at Kingston Law College in Kolkata, India, a role that she feels LJMU wholly prepared her for.

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Bob Cornect
Class of 2018

Bob Cornect, originally from Perth, Australia, graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2018 with a Master of Science degree in Astrophysics. Now working as a consultant geophysicist, Bob also runs his own private observatory with a computerised 16-inch telescope and works alongside his LJMU University professor.

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Wei Yin Ong
Class of 2018

Wei Yin OngWei Yin Ong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia graduated in 2018 with a BA (Hons) in Business Management at LJMU.

Soon after graduating, she made excellent use of the international experience she had gained by studying in Liverpool. She became a marketing executive at Sunway Group, a global conglomerate operating in 50 locations worldwide.

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Ionut Stamat
Class of 2018

Ionut Stamat

After studying Biology in Romania, Ionut Stamat wanted adventure. He enrolled in LJMU and graduated in 2018 with a MSc in Wildlife Conservation and UAV Technology now called Wildlife Conservation and Drone Applications and now works in his dream role, as an ecologist.

Ionut, like any International student, had his reservations before arriving in Liverpool, “I was really anxious about how I would perform during my studies at LJMU but there were no problems.”

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Julius Vieregge
Class of 2018

After graduating with a BA in Germany, Julius Vieregge wanted to expand his horizons and enrolled in a masters in Maritime Operations Management at LJMU.

He graduated with MSc in just 2018 and is now a marine insurance broker in Hamburg, Germany at a multiple award-winning insurance company, which prides itself in its global reach.

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