Mastering Shipbuilding Management (2024)

The Mastering Shipbuilding Management (MSM) week provides a globally unique educational experience and is supported by the UK National Shipbuilding Office.

MSM is designed to provide both academic and practitioner content that will be helpful to:

  • Shipbuilders seeking new knowledge.
  • Managers looking to transfer their skills to the shipbuilding sector.
  • Managers being given broader shipbuilding responsibilities.
  • Government customers wishing to learn about the industry, its processes, and its challenges.

The MSM Week is planned to be held at the Student Life Building, Liverpool, L3 5LJ, from 24 to 28 June 2024.

The educational activities and talks shall relate to the context of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, Shipyard benchmarking, safety, the environment, sustainability, and legislation; management disciplines, technical aspects, and processes.

Download Mastering Shipbuilding Management brochure (PDF, 1.09MB)