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  • Journal article

    Progress and future of relative humidity sensors: a review from materials perspective

    Sajid M, Khattak ZJ, Rahman K and Hassan G and Choi KH

    Publish date: 01/12/2022

  • Journal article

    Applications of Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase Enzyme in Biotechnology

    Ashley JON and Potts IG and Olorunniji FJ

    Publish date: 24/11/2022

  • Journal article

    Formulation of resveratrol into PGA-co-PDL nanoparticles increases its cytotoxic potency against lung cancer cells

    Muller AG, Sarker SD and Fatokun AA and Hutcheon GA

    Publish date: 10/11/2022

  • Journal article

    In vitro effects of European and Latin-American medicinal plants in CYP3A4 gene expression, glutathione levels, and P-glycoprotein activity

    Mazzari ALDA, Lacerda MG, Milton FA, Mulin Montechiari Machado JA, Sinoti SBP, Toullec AS, Rodrigues PM, Neves FDAR, Simeoni LA and Silveira D and Prieto JM

    Publish date: 05/10/2022

  • Journal article

    Synthesis, substitution kinetics, DNA/BSA binding and cytotoxicity of tridentate N^E^N (E = NH, O, S) pyrazolyl palladium(II) complexes

    Omondi RO, Fadaka AO, Fatokun AA and Jaganyi D and Ojwach SO

    Publish date: 05/10/2022

  • Journal article

    Cladophialophora bantiana metabolites are efficient in the larvicidal and ovicidal control of Aedes Aegypti, and Culex Quinquefasciatus and have low toxicity in zebrafish embryo

    Ragavendran C, Balasubramani G, Tijo C, Manigandan V, Kweka EJ, Karthika P, Sivasankar P, Thomas A, Natarajan D and Nakouti I and Malafaia G

    Publish date: 08/09/2022