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  • Journal article

    Synthesis, characterization and in vitro screening for anticancer potential of Mn(II), Co(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), and Pt(II) methoxyphenyl dithiocarbamato complexes

    Ajibade PA, Andrew FP and Fatokun AA and Oluwalana AE

    Publish date:15/04/2021

  • Journal article

    Isatis indigotica: a review of phytochemistry, pharmacological activities and clinical applications.

    Chen Q, Lan H-Y, Peng W, Rahman K, Liu Q-C and Luan X and Zhang H

    Publish date:29/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Physiological and Pathological Factors Affecting Drug Delivery to the Brain by Nanoparticles

    Islam Y, Leach AG, Smith J, Pluchino S, Coxon CR, Sivakumaran M, Downing J, Fatokun AA and Teixidò M and Ehtezazi T

    Publish date:15/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Chalepin and Chalepensin: Occurrence, Biosynthesis and Therapeutic Potential

    Nahar L, Al-Majmaie S, Al-Groshi A and Rasul A and Sarker SD

    Publish date:14/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Kola nut from Cola nitida vent. Schott administered to pregnant rats induces histological alterations in pups’ cerebellum

    Atiba FA, Fatokun AA and Imosemi IO and Malomo AO

    Publish date:08/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Transcription Factor: A Powerful Tool to Regulate Biosynthesis of Active Ingredients in <i>Salvia miltiorrhiza</i>.

    Wu S, Zhu B, Qin L, Rahman K and Zhang L and Han T

    Publish date:24/02/2021