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Every year, researchers from the Institute of Art and Technology publish over 50 publications

Institute of Art and Technology academic staff create publications within a number of key disciplines, including: contemporary art, 3D digital art, the uses of art and cultural enrichment, exhibitions and curatorship, as well as design discourse and practice. Below you can see a list of Institute of Art and Technology publications. Simply click on the year and hit the ‘Search Publication’ button.

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  • Journal article

    'We're in this together': A content analysis of marketing by alcohol brands on Facebook and Instagram during the first UK Lockdown, 2020.

    Atkinson AM and Sumnall H and Meadows B

    Publish date:01/12/2021

  • Conference publication

    Design Patterns for Low-Carbon Buildings: A Proposal

    Tucker S and Bleil de Souza C

    Publish date:29/09/2021

  • Journal article

    Representation of adverse childhood experiences is associated with lower public stigma towards people who use drugs: an exploratory experimental study

    Sumnall H, Hamilton I, Atkinson A and Montgomery C and Gage S

    Publish date:22/09/2021

  • Journal article

    A showcase of MA Art in Science research projects (2016-2020) that explore the boundaries of art, anatomy, biology, medicine, microbiology and public health

    Roughley M, Manetti V, Pettigrew A, Irwin J, York-Salmon G, Charuhas S, Tsenina I, Birnbaum H and Holmes E and Niethamer N

    Publish date:15/09/2021

  • Chapters

    Prevalence of use of novel psychoactive substances

    Sumnall H and Atkinson A

    Publish date:13/09/2021

  • Conference publication

    Three Paths Through the Forest: An Exploration of the Teaching-Research Nexus

    Smith C

    Publish date:12/09/2021