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During the Research Excellence Framework 2014 period, PROTECT generated over 200 publications.

Examples of some of PROTECT’s recent publications can be seen below:

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  • Journal article

    Trust Management for Artificial Intelligence: A Standardization Perspective

    Um TW, Kim J and Lim S and Lee GM

    Publish date:14/06/2022

  • Journal article

    Machine learning approaches and applications in genome wide association study for Alzheimer’s Disease: A systematic review

    Alatrany AS, Hussain AJ and Mustafina J and Al-Jumeily D

    Publish date:13/06/2022

  • Journal article

    Deprivation and fire injury

    Taylor MJ, Francis H, Oakford G and Appleton D and Fielding J

    Publish date:29/05/2022

  • Journal article

    Human Body Pose Estimation for Gait Identification: A Comprehensive Survey of Datasets and Models

    Topham L, Khan W and Al-Jumeily D and Hussain A

    Publish date:15/05/2022

  • Journal article

    Pulsed Eddy Current signal processing using wavelet scattering and Gaussian process regression for fast and accurate ferromagnetic material thickness measurement

    Sudirman S, Natalia F and Sophian A and Ashraf A

    Publish date:11/05/2022

  • Journal article

    Fire prevention targeting by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

    Taylor MJ, Oakford G and Appleton D and Fielding J

    Publish date:23/04/2022