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During the Research Excellence Framework 2014 period, PROTECT generated over 200 publications.

Examples of some of PROTECT’s recent publications can be seen below:

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  • Journal article

    Intelligent Control and Security of Fog Resources in Healthcare Systems via a Cognitive Fog Model

    Al-Khafajiy MOHAMMED, OTOUM S, Shamsa TB, ASIM M, MAAMAR Z, ALOQAILY M and Taylor MARK and Randles MARTIN

    Publish date:31/12/2020

  • Journal article

    Deception in the Eyes of Deceiver: A Computer Vision and Machine Learning Based Automated Deception Detection

    Khan W, Crocket K, Oshea J and Hussain A and Khan B

    Publish date:25/11/2020

  • Dataset

    Face Mask Detection Video Dataset

    Khan W, Nawaz F and Yasen S and Hussain A

    Publish date:18/11/2020

  • Dataset

    Video Dataset for COVID-19 Social Distancing and Human Detection Validation

    Khan W and Hussain A and Nawaz F

    Publish date:11/11/2020

  • Journal article

    Automated measurement of anteroposterior diameter and foraminal widths in MRI images for lumbar spinal stenosis diagnosis

    Natalia F, Meidia H, Afriliana N, Young JC, Yunus RE, Al-Jumaily M and Al-Kafri A and Sudirman S

    Publish date:02/11/2020

  • Journal article

    Random‑telegraph‑noise‑enabled true random number generator for hardware security

    Brown J, Zhang J, Zhou B, Mehedi M, Freitas P and Marsland J and Ji Z

    Publish date:14/10/2020