Behavioural Intervention for Opioid Reduction (BIOR)

Welcome to the project site for the Behavioural Intervention for Opioid Reduction (BIOR), led by Professor Helen Poole (LJMU), with Dr Cathy Montgomery (LJMU), Dr Bernhard Frank (The Walton Centre) and Dr Mike Merriman (NHS Knowsley CCG). The resources collated here are freely available on the internet and will give you more information about chronic pain, how it is managed and user-led information on what can help.

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Managing chronic pain

Pain affects multiple aspects of life. It is a biopsychosocial problem affecting our bodily sensations (biological) the way we think and feel (psychological), and our ability to go out and mix with others (social). Management of pain therefore requires a combination of methods to help us manage these various aspects. This might include using combinations of pharmacological (e.g., prescription medicine) and non-pharmacological (e.g., physiotherapy, psychological support) interventions.

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