What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West (Wi-5)

Research Centre for Critical Infrastructure Computer Technology and Protection (PROTECT)

With Wi-FI networks under increasing stress from demand, and the cost burden for local government to care for the sick, elderly and vulnerable increasing vertiginously, this project uses technology to maintain health at lower cost.

Impact on the Liverpool City Region

The Liverpool 5G Create Project is developing a private independent 5G network for health and social care services in Liverpool. The network is designed to reduce digital poverty for people in need, providing free and accessible connectivity to services including health, social care and education. The network supports a medical grade device to manage and monitor health conditions remotely, an app that teaches anxiety reduction techniques, a remote GP triaging service, wound care and management and sensor technology.

LJMU Partners: DefProc, Digicredis, CGA Simulation, Liverpool City Council, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (RLBUHT), e-Health Cluster, University of Liverpool

Attracting more than £10m in government grants, the project promises estimated annual savings of £247,688 per hundred care services users.

 “The recent response to Covid-19 has demonstrated the need for increased use of remote health and social care services. Through this project, we will ensure that services are available to those in need, removing the barriers caused by lack of affordable connectivity” - Liverpool City Council.

LJMU Academics

Dr Mike Mackay

Dr Faycal Bouhafs

Dr Alessandro Raschella

Professor Qi Shi

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