Research impact: World-leading research across LJMU

Research Informed Teaching

Across the university, our staff and postgraduate research students undertake research and knowledge exchange activity that generates new knowledge. This knowledge feeds into reports, journal papers, books, patents, artistic presentations and PhD theses.

Importantly, this new knowledge infuses our undergraduate and taught postgraduate curriculum. 

For our students this keeps our taught content current, innovative and challenging. It allows our students to recognise the work done in LJMU and the value of the outputs produced by our postgraduate research students and fellows.

This can underpin personal knowledge and skills development, develop new career opportunities, support enhanced employability, and increase overall student satisfaction with their educational experience.

These Research Informed Teaching examples, have been collected from across all of our faculties. They illustrate scenarios where LJMU research and knowledge exchange has changed and enhanced our curriculum offer. Importantly we show what the impact on the student experience and development is and how this has been perceived in feedback.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): The invisible killer (Word, 591KB)

Business Clinics: developing a mind-set ready for work (Word, 346KB)

From Paper to Podium: Performing Sport Nutrition Research in the Curriculum that directly influences athletic performance and educates the next generation of sport nutritionists (Word, 161KB)

Pill School: teaching life-skills that aid patient adherence, improve accessibility to new and existing solid oral dosage form (pill) therapies and facilitate better health outcomes (Word, 933KB)

School of Nursing and Allied Health: Cardiovascular Care (Word, 570KB)

School of Public and Allied Health: Conscientious Objection to Abortion (Word, 21.8KB)

Teaching Operations Management through Digital Pedagogy and Experiential Learning (Word, 125KB)

The application of analytical techniques to understand materials at micro molecular level (Word, 377KB)

The importance of Field Trips for Postgraduate taught study in creative writing (Word, 30.7KB)

The observation of planets with the Liverpool Telescope: what does ‘Earth-like’ mean? (Word, 264KB)