Graduation ceremony

What to do on the day

Quick guide to your graduation day

The first thing you need to do on the day of your ceremony is go to St George's Hall to collect your certificate, tickets, seating card and robe and have your official photograph taken.

Please allow approximately:

  • 20 minutes to register and collect your tickets
  • 30 minutes to collect your gown
  • 40 minutes for Photography, which can be done before or after your ceremony
  • 30 minutes to walk from St George's Hall to Liverpool Cathedral. There will be a limited shuttle bus service between the venues for those who require this

There are no car parking facilities at St George's Hall. You may be able to drop off at St George's Hall but this will depend on road closures at the time surrounding the demolition of the Churchill Way Flyovers. Updates on this can be found at The Liverpool Cathedral car park is for permit holders only. Please see 'getting here' for car parking options.

When you arrive at St George's Hall you will receive your student seating card which will tell you where you will be seated inside the Cathedral for the ceremony. Students, please keep this with you as you hand it in as you cross the stage!

Each ceremony will last approximately 1hr 30mins.

Official photography will take place in St George's Hall. If you are graduating in the morning please try to have your pictures taken before the ceremony as the cross over time between ceremonies can be very busy.

Restaurants will be very busy in the city centre so pre-booking is advised.

Download the quick guide to your graduation day