Academic Dress and Photography

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions, and you are required to wear the academic dress of the university with your own appropriate formal attire.

The LJMU gowns and mortar boards are dark blue. PhD awards are scarlet. Hoods are lined in grey or blue silk embossed with the University coat of arms.

Ede & Ravenscroft are the official robe makers for the university. You will need to order a robe directly from them and in advance.

Booking your gown and photography

You must book your own photography and gown hire with our official robe and photography suppliers - Ede and Ravenscroft.

Dual Award Students  (April & July)

If you are a dual award student and have attended your graduation ceremony in April and have also registered to attend in July, then LJMU is offering to pay for your undergraduate gown. What you must do is pay for both your gowns in the first instance and complete the refund form from LJMU.

Booking gowns and hats

You must pre order gowns, there will be no opportunity to hire on the day.

If you arrive at the Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican) without a gown, LJMU will not be able to provide you with a gown and reserves the right to not allow you to take part in the ceremony.

Please ensure your hat measurement is correct as there will be no opportunity to exchange on the day. See the guidance of how to measure your head. We recommend bringing your own hair grips to secure your hat in place.

The deadline for booking your gown and photography is shown below.

Please note: This is a different deadline to registering your attendance.

Gowns for wheelchair users

If you use a wheelchair user, then please notify Ede & Ravenscroft when you place your order so they can provide appropriately tailored gowns. Note that these gowns are only available with prior notice.

Booking photography

Official photography will take place at the Metropolitan Cathedral at the same location as gown collection. Book and pre-pay with Ede & Ravenscroft to avoid payment queues on the day.


A selection of LJMU merchandise is available to buy at the Metropolitan Cathedral on the day.

You can order in advance from a wider choice in the LJMU Alumni Shop, These can be delivered to your home or collected at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Graduation ceremony dates

Monday 4 July to Friday 8 July

Gown and photography booking opens: Monday 14 February
Gown and photography booking closes: Friday 24 June at 7am

Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July

Gown and photography booking opens: Monday 28 March
Gown and photography booking closes: Friday 1 July at 7am

Transferring existing Ede and Ravenscroft orders

Please email Customer Services at Ede and Ravenscroft and provide the following personal information:

  • Order number
  • Full Name
  • New ceremony date and time
  • Confirmation that your award and measurements are the same as previously ordered

Gowning and Photography on the day

Gowning and Photography will take place at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

See the Getting here page for details about transport and parking.

Gowning and photography opening times

The Metropolitan Cathedral will be open from 7.45am – to 6.00pm. On the days when we have ceremonies starting at 6.45pm, the gowning and photography will be open until 8.45pm.

We strongly recommend that you pre-book your photography to avoid the payment queue. You will still need to queue for your photography session because time slots cannot be booked.

Allow approximately 1 hour for this.


If you are cancelling before the ceremony date, email our official gown and photography suppliers, Ede and Ravenscroft, via their contact form to get a full refund for your gowning and photography booking.

After the ceremony

Please return gowns and hoods to the designated area at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Gown and photography queries

If you have any queries about gown hire, please contact Ede and Ravenscroft.

Digital recordings

If you wish to purchase a DVD recording of this ceremony, please contact

If you have any queries about DVDs and Digital Handshake Photographs from previous ceremonies, please contact