Graduation registration for students

Registration for July 2024 ceremonies has now closed

Terms and conditions

To receive confirmation of your place in your graduation ceremony, you must be eligible to graduate.

Please read and accept the terms and conditions and our graduation ceremony Privacy Notice as part of your registration.

Allow time to read and understand these documents.

The terms and conditions and privacy notice are necessary for the safe operation of Graduation.

Visas Applications to attend Graduation 

LJMU does not provide graduation invitation letters for visa purposes for students or guests. Your initial student invitation and confirmation of attendance should suffice. If you require any further assistance, please contact or please visit the UK government webpages.

Debts to the university

If you are in debt to the university, you will not receive a certificate. You will not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony during the current academic year or in the future until your debt is cleared in full. Debts can include unpaid tuition fees or registration fees, residence fees and library fines (including unreturned books and print charges).

All debts must be paid in full before graduation.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have no outstanding debts to the university. Please contact us via the Student Enquiry Form for further help.  

Please note:
We reserve the right to merge or split ceremonies after you have registered to attend. This will only happen if the number of registered students exceed safety protocols.
We will only change the time of your ceremony, we will not change the day. If a change of time is necessary, we will notify you after the registration period has closed.