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Your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides a single comprehensive record of your academic and other achievements whilst in Higher Education. The HEAR document is not intended to replace your formal degree certificate or your CV but will complement these providing details about your additional achievements at LJMU. Your HEAR will be a useful reference document for job/further study applications.

What information does my HEAR comprise?

The HEAR comprises a number of sections, each containing specific information:

  • A summary of your award, with class/grade and conferral date 

  • Personal information 

  • Qualification details: award title, class/grade, subject, awarding institution (LJMU) and conferral date 

  • Information about the level of your qualification: (Doctoral, Masters, Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate), programme duration 

  • How you studied: full-time, part-time sandwich study, total required credit, educational aims, marks for modules contributing to the award 

  • Information on the function of your qualification: this indicates the next stage of study in the Framework for HE Qualifications (please note that section 5.2 does not contain any data) 

  • Additional information such as: Verified Graduate Skills, World of Work Skills certificates and/or Academic Excellence Awards 

  • Certification of the HEAR by the awarding institution (LJMU) 

  • Information about the national Higher Education system and explanation that HE credit systems in use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for accumulation and transfer within the European Higher Education Area, and are used to recognise learning gained by students in institutions elsewhere in Europe.

November 2018 - present

HEAR documents are no longer produced by LJMU. For information regarding your studies, please refer to your transcript and/or the LJMU Academic Framework which is available via

I need help

Help is always available. Please email for assistance.