Degree Apprenticeship FAQs for employers

We imagine you’ll have a number of questions about Degree Apprenticeships and we’re here to help. If your question isn't answered below, please get in touch with us.

Faq Items

Who pays for the training costs of the apprenticeship?

Who recruits the apprentice?

How can I be sure the apprentice will learn skills and knowledge relevant to my business?

Are there limitations on the type of employee we can sponsor through a Degree Apprenticeship?

What courses are available via the Degree Apprenticeship route at LJMU?

As a small company our resources are limited. How will LJMU help us manage the apprenticeship?

How much time will the apprentice spend at work and at university?

Our company wants to offer a Degree Apprenticeship but the courses at LJMU don't cover the role we are hoping to fill?

What experience does LJMU have in delivering Degree Apprenticeships?

How long does the apprenticeship take to complete?

What is an Apprenticeship Commitment Statement?

Do I need to pay a wage to the Degree Apprentice?

How can we be sure to recruit quality candidates for our Degree Apprenticeships?

How do I find out more?