Liverpool docks

Teaching and Learning Academy

Enhancing the student learning experience and developing opportunities for staff

They say that no one ever forgets a good teacher, those individuals who can hold an audience and capture the imagination of their students. At LJMU we ensure that every member of staff can aspire to be this unforgettable figure by constantly evolving our academic practices, learning from our own community and by creating platforms to promote and celebrate a sense of excellence in teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) extends across the University and underpins all aspects of academic life. We believe that our students should learn from engaged teaching staff who are immersed in their own subject and passionate about conveying their knowledge. We encourage staff to use all of their skills and the latest in technology to create a truly inspirational student experience.

The services we offer and the way we work with staff varies. However, in general our work focuses on the following areas:

  • Education enhancement
  • Curriculum innovation
  • Promotion of pedagogic research and scholarship
  • Adoption and embedding of effective practices

Evidence of TLA impact is highly visible. We hold regular Research and Practice in HE seminars aimed at encouraging institutional discussion and debate around teaching and learning. We host an annual LJMU Teaching and Learning Conference and the TLA has a varied portfolio of accredited Academic Practice programmes which are suitable for the emergent to experienced practitioner.