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A rich and innovative research culture.

The School of Law has produced a varied portfolio of quality work within law. Although our research portfolio is diverse, our teams of researchers ensure the impact of each project is maximised. Thanks to this focus, in the latest REF results (2014) the impact of our research was ranked as being 100% internationally excellent. Overall, 97% of our research was rated as being either internationally excellent or internationally recognised.

To continue this outstanding work, our academic experts continue to develop key research partnerships – previously we have worked with organisations such as Merseyside Police, the Government Office of the City of The Hague and the European Research Institute. Our research teams are also securing funding from a variety of external funding sources, including the Economic and Social Research Council and the British Academy.

The key to our success in the School of Law is our internationally-recognised academics and researchers. We value the importance of investment in our staff and students. That’s why we provide research mentors for early career researchers, a targeted staff development budget and fund conference attendance, both nationally and internationally.

Our postgraduate students also contribute a great deal to our research projects. For example, Erin O’Leary, was awarded the best presentation award at the Faculty PGR Conference 2012 for her research on linguistic diversity in the European Union.


A varied portfolio of expertise.

Having attracted leading researchers from around the world, the School of Law specialises within the following key areas:

  • Terrorism and state security
  • European, public and international law
  • International business, commercial and banking law
  • Socio-legal and comparative law
  • Drug, drug use and the media
  • Criminal law
  • Use of force and physical restraint

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