Careers support 

We'll help you achieve your potential within your profession

Employers know that graduates from the School of Engineering have the knowledge, confidence and practical skills they need to make a significant contribution to the organisation who hire them. In this section, we’ll show you how we’ll equip you for the world of work.

Possible careers

Our graduates have gone on to secure positions with prestigious companies, including: Aston Martin, Sellafield, Wood Group, Bentley, NIS, CERN, Ministry of Defence and Jaguar Land Rover. Here are just a few possible positions you could secure in the future with a degree from our School:

  • Design engineer
  • Rail engineering technician
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Trainee shipbroker
  • Engineering manager
  • Trainee maritime lawyer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Marine engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Railway engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Technology manager

How we'll help you achieve your dream career

There are a number of ways we'll help you secure a role in your chosen profession. 

We'll help you secure work placements

Graduating with experience can help you to secure an enviable position in the jobs market. As an undergraduate within the School of Engineering, you’ll have the chance to take a work placement between your second and final year of study. Previously, our students have worked for leading companies, such as: Sellafield, United Utilities, Scottish Power, Bentley, Unilever, Optare, IBM, ARM Holdings, National Grid and GCHQ.

We'll help you develop practical skills

Employers are looking for graduates who have an understanding of the practical skills involved in their work. That’s why, as part of your course, you’ll develop transferable skills.

For example, you could join our LJMU Racing Team, who design, build and race a small scale formula car. If you take part in this initiative you could gain exceptional skills, from learning how to design and manufacture your own car parts to learning how to market your team car. Students also travel internationally to race and make lots of useful contacts.

In addition to the LJMU Racing Team, all of our Masters of Engineering students undertake industry based projects.

We'll organise field trips

We know that learning doesn’t just take place in lecture halls and laboratories. That’s why in your first year you’ll normally go on a short residential course in North Wales. The trip is a chance for you get to know staff and the other students. You’ll also learn practical teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Throughout your course regular site trips are also arranged. This will contextualise topics you are studying. 

We'll encourage you to take part in national competitions

Our product design engineering students are encouraged to exhibit their work at the University’s own pre-graduation design show, as well as the New Designer Show in London. Exposing your work in this way could help you build valuable contacts. Many of our product design engineering graduates secure exciting careers within a broad range of organisations, from niche design businesses to manufacturing companies. Some even go on to invent, patent and start up their own innovative businesses.

We'll help you get technical papers published

We’ll encourage you to write technical papers. Previously, students have had their work published in the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

We'll give you the opportunity to enhance your CV with special awards

Every year students from the School of Engineering are awarded prizes from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institute of Measurement and Control. Organisations such as Scottish Power have also appointed Student Ambassadors from the group in previous years. 

Our staff have impressive links with industry

Members of our School have links with industry-based staff and alumni in external organisations such as: ADI, ADT, BBC, Ericsson, ITV, Jaguar Land Rover, Network Rail, Optare, Sellafield, Sky, Telegenic, Tyco Electronics, United Utilities and WTS Broadcast. These links are useful because regular contact with our industrial partners helps to keep our programmes industry-relevant. 

We can help you start your own business

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has been helping students and alumni get their business ideas off the ground since 2003. The Centre can help you with funding, networking, as well as business, legal and financial advice. Find out more about the type of support on offer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

"I started my career with Sky Television before moving to the BBC. I've worked on everything from the launch of Freeview, digital switchover and now in the BBC World Service."

David James -
Distribution Technology Manager, BBC World Service