LJMU to lead British Council funded partnership to strengthen ties with Malaysia

Liverpool John Moores University has been chosen as the Consortium Secretariat of a new Going Global Partnership, funded by the British Council, with Malaysia

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The new collaboration aims to promote strategic engagement and bilateral cooperation in higher education between partner institutions in both countries.

Prof Jin Wang and Dr Russell English from LJMU’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Deputy Director of International Relations Dr Julia Wang will lead the flagship initiative with support from colleague Lucy Lamb.

Through cooperation between the British Council and the Department of Higher Education Malaysia, the Consortium will lay a foundation for creating long term collaborations and shared priorities between sixteen UK universities and twenty institutions across Malaysia.

The Consortium will reinforce the global perceptions of both countries as centres of higher education excellence and enable experts across the sector to better exchange resources and knowledge to overcome some of the world’s major issues.

By strengthening the standing of both countries as international education pioneers, the UK and Malaysia will be poised to attract top academic talent in the future.

An inaugural launch meeting was held last month, attended by several UK and Malaysian universities in addition to representatives from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Prof Keith George, LJMU Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, pre-recorded a message for the meeting outlining the importance of the collaboration.

“Liverpool John Moores University is honoured to be chosen as the Consortium Secretariat in the British Council funded UK-Malaysia University Consortium and we look forward to working with all the members in Malaysia and in the UK. 

“The consortium will provide an invaluable platform to promote mutual understanding on a global scale and to address shared priorities of UK and Malaysian universities. Through collaboration it is envisaged that new relationships will be formed, new networks and strategic partnerships established, research networks developed, and joint research opportunities realised. The Consortium also aims to support the advancement of quality teaching, learning and university systems through people development and shared expertise and to facilitate innovative collaborative programmes and knowledge exchange for mutual benefit and higher education internationalisation.

“We would like to thank the British Council and the Consortium members in advance for their contribution to establish, develop and consolidate strategic networks and sustainable partnerships between UK and Malaysian Universities which it is hoped will evolve and strengthen in the years to come.”

The project is aligned with the Malaysian Higher Education Blueprint 2015-2025 and the UK International Education Strategy

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