Climate Change generation celebrate Graduation

Young people are better prepared to protect the planet, thanks to LJMU’s pioneering degree course in Climate Change.

Graduates are leaving university with a strong scientific grounding and also acutely aware of the issues which will decide the health of our environment in years to come.

Launched in 2020, the BSc Climate Change was unique in English higher education and today saw its first graduates qualify.

We caught up with course-mates Karolyna De Oliveira and Freya Richards as they celebrated the completion of their courses at Graduation 2023 at Liverpool Cathedral.

“It’s nice to know that no-one else has a degree in what we have,” said Freya, who achieved the School Prize for best student.

“Some people might see it as niche – there are far more students on other Environmental Science courses – but we’re really proud our degree is in Climate Change.

“I opted for this course in particular as it is such a current and pressing issue, it’s also really. Interdisciplinary.”

Karolyna agrees: “I’m from Brazil where climate is not such a big issue yet. But every time I go back there, I can see the effects of the changing climate and the terrible things that can happen if the government turns a blind eye. It’s real and here.”

It was also a great experience, according to Freya: “I loved the course, the content was really interesting and engaging, the lecturers were great, and there was lots of great fieldwork. The Iceland field trip was a once in a life time experience that I’ll never forget and it was amazing to do my dissertation fieldwork out there.”

Both graduates are turning their minds to building careers in environmental science.

“I’m working at the moment at Chester Zoo, it’s an internship,” says Freya. “But I want to do a Masters in study related to climate and the environment.

Karolyna is also planning a Masters, possibly in Australia, and wants to go into environmental consulting; “I really feel I want to contribute to a better world and a healthy planet.”


Today’s ceremonies

Across Monday’s morning ceremony for the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, approximately 300 students graduated with Diploma, BSc, MSc and PhD qualifications.

You can find pictures from today’s ceremonies on the LJMU graduation webpages and on the LJMU social media channels.


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